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Empire: 4 Kingdoms

By: Goodgame Studios

| 4.6/5 ( 1,308,968 )

Last Update: February 12, 2020
Content Rating: Everyone 10+, Violent References

Join millions of players in this award-winning multiplayer strategy & medieval war game - Empire: Four Kingdoms. With powerful rulers, fierce battles & strategic masterminds, your best PvP battle skills will come to the fore.

The Description Of Empire: 4 Kingdoms

With the imperialist rulers ruling the townsmen in despair & capable of striking a war of dragons, you must protect the earth empire from various clans of kingdoms in the medieval stone age. The throne is forged by deceiving warriors from massive royale clans. Are you ready to attack these empires and claim victory?

Empires in a medieval civilization will witness rise of four kingdoms with clans clashing in this MMORPG💢. Empires are forged by allies & cunning kings in the stone age where kings build empires & fortresses with townsmen. Empire Four Kingdoms is an MMO experiencing rise of four civilizations & empires where castles are built & kings clash for victory , an experience in the ages of medieval empires. This empire game is a legend that will give glory & victory to the true war lord who will rule from the iron designed throne, the bling kingdom, with honor.

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